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Mountainview is a 17 block housing development situated in the hamlet town of Walwa in the beautifully picturesque Upper Murray area of the North East of Victoria. Situated at the rear of the Walwa Bush Nursing Centre (WBNC), residents living in Mountain view have easy and quick access to the services provided by the centre. Those services include home care, meals on wheels, district nursing, doctors appointments including home visits, the gym and gym programs, a 24 hour emergency response, district nursing and much more (see “our services” tab on the home page).

The development has been established by the Board of the WBNC to assist our local community. It is a not for profit project meaning house and land packages are incredibly cheap.

Walwa is situated on the banks of the Murray River one hour’s drive from Albury-Wodonga, and four hours from Melbourne and Canberra. This is a perfect place to bring up children, retire or just relocate to a town that has a lot going for it with a wonderful community spirit. Moving to Mountainview could also be a great opportunity to run your own business from home. Trades people and other skilled workers are always in demand, both in the Walwa village and surrounding district.

The Development

Mountain View has been developed by the Walwa Bush Nursing Centre– a not-for-profit community-owned primary health and community centre. This service includes a medical practice and self dispensing pharmacy, a vast range of primary and allied health services as well as a newly developed community centre and gym, a technology room with broadband internet facilities and a business room for visiting government and business operations. Also available at the centre, the WAW Credit Union and RUM radio station.

All of this can be available to you at a very competitive price compared to alternative developments, with land prices averaging $33,000, you can arrange the builder of your choice, or select one of the home and land packages on offer for as little as $239,000

The ownership model:

Mountain View is a strata-titled development with a basic building design set. There is an appointed body corporate management agency. This agency has a manager appointed and owner representation on that body corporate according to the rules of the body corporate. The strata model means that unlike other developments e.g. lease-to-occupy models, residents will own their own homes.

The advantages of this model?

As a strata titled package, the purchaser will own their allotment and home as part of the body corporate. Thus you can sell whenever you wish. You may also finance the package if that is appropriate for you.

There are also no deferred fees in this model. Residents are free to sell their home at any time for the market rate and receive the full sale price themselves. This is quite a point of difference to alternative models such as the lease-to-occupy homes where you may be required to hand back a significant percentage of your sale price to the developer.

Mountain View Site

The site consists of 17 detached homes–see site plan (3 lots sold). While each site has a strata title with a small amount of private space (courtyard), the larger areas are maintained as common ground. This means that the site retains the feel of a village but takes relatively little maintenance. This lends itself perfectly to those that want to base themselves in Mountainview and travel, as you will be surrounded by gardens, but will have no responsibility to keep watering anything whilst you are away.

You can chose to have a small garden within your strata area or courtyard or use the adjacent community garden if you are interested in a bigger patch to grow veggies.

Maintenance of all common areas -essentially grasses and landscaped common ground- is covered by the body corporate under their maintenance structure.

Optional House & Land Package Designs

G J Gardiner Homes have 5 designs that adapt to specific blocks if you wish to have them build your home. Designs have been adapted and can be varied on these models so that no home looks alike. In addition each spacious site and views together with landscaping will give the development a rural flavour. If you wish you can engage another builder to build your home.

Homes are being individually designed to maximise the wonderful views to the mountains as well as solar gain. Around a basic land/building package, it is envisaged that potential buyers will be able to “option-up” to various features e.g. 2 to 3 bedroom, single to double garage, decks etc -all within the basic framework of the housing style set.


A key feature of the Mountain View development will be its strong support facilities for residents and the proximity to the newly developed Walwa Bush Nursing Centre and Walwa Medical Clinic. Available from the centre are the following services:

24hr emergency care
District nursing
Home care
Planned Activity group
GP practice
Outpatient’s clinic
Pathology collection
Health assessments and testing
Case management
Meals on Wheels

Community car hire/transport
Community Centre and gym & gym classes
Yoga classes
Public internet facility
On-site credit union
Maternal health nurse

High quality homes in spacious setting
Comprehensive medical, nursing and home care support services
Easily available allied health and case management services
Competitive price due to development by not-for-profit agency
Direct ownership- No deferred fees -You benefit from all capital gains
Easy access to all community and sporting facilities
Peaceful setting with magnificent views
Secure environment
Low maintenance, making travel easy

You are cordially invited to discuss any aspect of the housing development with Walwa Bush Nursing Centre staff

When: Anytime at your convenience

Monday to Friday

Where: Walwa Bush Nursing Centre

Talk to us about the strata model advantages, building designs, services available, financing and/or any other aspect of the development


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