Emergency Response

Emergency Services:
The WBNC provides a first response emergency service to our community. Our nurses are trained and accredited by Ambulance Victoria (AV) and carry AV pagers to enable them to respond to 000 calls that occur within our catchment. The emergency response is also available for patients presenting to the centre, and is available 24hrs per day.
Our nurses are accredited “Remote Area Nurses” who work closely with the Walwa CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) to provide a quick, skilled response to both medical and trauma emergencies.
In an emergency Dial 000 and both the Walwa RAN and the CERT team will be dispatched to you. For Injuries and illness that don’t require an ambulance, please phone the nurse (on 0260 371 220 and follow the prompts) for advice on how to proceed or make an appointment during business hours.