Walwa World Newsletter


It is important that we receive material from members of the community and community groups to maintain a regular newsletter. While we do gather and write some articles ourselves, we do so as volunteers and so have much else to do. Anyway it is your newsletter.

Please email all contributions to Editor mail@walwabnc.com.au . If you have more than one or two digital photos please contact us to make other arrangements.

Why don’t you tell us about your group or interest, write a poem or send in a photo?

We will send notification by email when Walwa World become available for download to anyone who asks us. Files may be too big to email directly. Email: Editor mail@walwabnc.com.au with your request.

Editorial Team: Kerrie Thompson, Tony Sullivan, Irene Palmer, Sandi Grieve.

Hardcopies are delivered in the Walwa area and available at Jingellic Store, Walwa Store and the Walwa Bush Nursing Centre. A large print version is available on request.