Home and Community Care

The WBNC employs a number of trained Aged Care and Disability workers. They provide our “home and community care” or “aged care” service. These workers will come to your home following an assessment, and provide services that will assist you to remain at home for as long as is possible. They will assist with some of the heavier home duties that may be risky for you to undertake. But, they are also skilled in providing health promotion advise such as how to avoid falls in the home, and advice about what other services you may benefit from, and how to access them. Our Aged Care workers will also act as a liaison between the GP and Nurses of the BNC and the client, reporting health issues or observations that may enable an earlier intervention. Our Aged Care workers can also provide personal assistance, such as showering and assistance with dressing.

To ensure a safe, quality service, our Aged Care workers regularly attend training to keep them completely up to date and participate in the WBNC’s quality and accreditation processes.